東京和服攝影體驗:由 Wong 為你掌鏡,捕捉傳統之美

HKD2,680 HKD3,680

穿上優雅的和服,漫步在東京的迷人街道,讓專業攝影師 Wong 為您記錄下這難忘的時刻。從淺草寺的傳統氛圍到川越的歷史街道,再到東京現代都市的繁華景象,Wong 將帶您探索東京的多樣面貌,並以獨特的視角捕捉您與和服相互輝映的優雅身影。

無論您想在櫻花樹下留下浪漫的身影,還是在古老的寺廟前感受時光的沉澱,Wong 都會用心聆聽您的需求,為您打造專屬的攝影方案。他擅長運用光影和構圖,將和服的精緻細節與東京的迷人景色完美融合,讓每一張照片都成為您珍藏的藝術作品。

這不僅僅是一次和服攝影體驗,更是一場探索東京文化與美的旅程。讓攝影師 Wong 用鏡頭記錄下您在東京的獨特魅力,將這份美好回憶永存於心。

我們的攝影師 - Wong




  • 時長:由在地專業攝影師Wong進行1小時個人或情侶攝影服務。
  • 地點:可選擇東京市內任意優美景點或具特色建築作為拍攝場地。
  • 提供 6張精修, 100張的高品質照片


  1. 查詢時間:聯繫我們,查詢你的首選日期及時間攝影師是否有空。我們將在3小時內回覆你。
  2. 預訂體驗
  3. 分享你的聯繫信息:回覆確認電子郵件,提供你的WhatsApp號碼。
  4. 確定拍攝:攝影師將通過WhatsApp與你聯繫,確認拍攝的詳細信息,並回答你可能有的任何問題。

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Step into the elegance of a traditional kimono and embark on an unforgettable photographic journey through the captivating streets of Tokyo with Wong, your personal photographer. From the timeless ambiance of Sensoji Temple to the historical charm of Kawagoe's streets and the vibrant energy of modern Tokyo, Wong will guide you through the city's diverse faces, capturing the grace and beauty of you adorned in kimono against these stunning backdrops. 

Whether you envision romantic portraits beneath blooming cherry blossoms or timeless shots against the backdrop of ancient temples, Wong listens attentively to your vision, crafting a personalized photoshoot experience. His masterful use of light, shadow, and composition seamlessly blends the intricate details of your kimono with Tokyo's captivating scenery, transforming each photograph into a work of art worthy of cherishing. 

More than just a kimono photoshoot, this is a journey of cultural immersion and aesthetic exploration. Allow Wong's lens to capture your unique allure amidst the magic of Tokyo, preserving these precious memories for a lifetime.

Our Photographer - Wong

Wong is a gifted photographer, originally from Guangdong, who brings years of experience to capturing the beauty and allure of Tokyo.  He first honed his skills in Hong Kong before immersing himself in the cultural heart of Kyoto. Now, Wong calls Tokyo home.  He specializes in striking portraiture that highlights the unique charisma of individuals and the special bond between couples. Whether shooting in the studio or amidst the vibrant energy of Tokyo's streets, Wong's lens captures those fleeting moments that make up a life well-lived. 

Renowned for his ability to put his subjects at ease, Wong ensures that every photograph exudes natural, genuine emotion. Passionate about preserving precious memories, he blends artistic vision with technical mastery, imbuing each shoot with a distinct style. Every image Wong creates is a celebration of the individual or couple's unique story, transforming a fleeting moment into a timeless keepsake.

Package Highlights

  • Duration: 1-hour individual or couple photo session with local professional photographer Wong
  • Location: Choose any beautiful spot or unique architecture within Tokyo city for your photoshoot
  • Includes 6 fine edited photos and 100 high-quality photos

How to Book

  1. Check Availability: Contact us to check the local photographer's availability for your preferred date. We'll get back to you within 3 hours.
  2. Book the Experience
  3. Share Your Contact Information: Reply to the confirmation email with your WhatsApp number.
  4. Finalize the Shoot: A photographer will reach out to you via WhatsApp to confirm the photoshoot details and answer any questions you may have. 

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