We Only Live Once

By its sound, can you guess that KaChick is a company about photography? In fact, we are all about creating and organizing meaningful visual moments in the world. We dedicate to empowering visual creation and making photography an everyday experience. Founded in Hong Kong in 2017, we have built a platform for booking photo shoots with thousands of photographers around the world. Our mission is simple but profound: to help people live in the moment and capture memories that last a lifetime.

Life is ephemeral, but memories can endure when frozen in a split second photograph. Beautiful, emotive, thought-provoking photos have the power to transport us back in time, allowing us to relive cherished experiences with loved ones. That is the feeling we strive to create with every shoot booked through our platform.

Over the past three years, we have achieved rapid growth, expanding our network to over 15,000 photographers. We have also formed partnerships with leading brands including Cathay Pacific, Getty Images, and Marriott to provide photography services for their marketing campaigns and customers.

While technology makes it easy to capture a moment, people long for something more—photos that tell a story, reveal an emotion, or bring back memories in cinematic color. Our platform connects customers with professional and passionate photographers to create visual masterpieces that do more than document an event or travel excursion. These are photos you will treasure for a lifetime.

Life inspires us to do more, live boldly, and never stop exploring. But time passes quickly. Our purpose is to slow things down for a second, focus on the details, and freeze the moment through the lens of a camera. So you can remember what it felt like to truly be alive. We invite you to make photography a part of your journey—and let your photos do the remembering. This is your life. Capture it.