東京親子回憶:Jay 特色家庭攝影之旅

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來自菲律賓居東京的女攝影師Jay 擅長以簡單而優雅的風格和色調捕捉真實、自然的情感。她專注於記錄家庭的愛與歡笑,將平凡的時刻變成非凡的回憶。

在這個1小時的拍攝期間,Jay 將帶領你穿越東京的大街小巷,可能是東京年輕文化心臟,原宿竹下通街,在那裡你和孩子們可以體驗熱鬧的街頭生活和獨特的時尚趨勢。


我們的攝影師 - Jay


Jay 的攝影之旅始於2009年,當時她擁有一台名為Holga的LOMO相機。她對攝影的熱愛使她在2011年在菲律賓創立了 Studios,拍攝婚禮和活動。儘管她在日本有成為教師的大好機會,但她對攝影的熱情並未減退。



  • 在東京內一個自選地點進行一小時的專業攝影服務
  • 提供50-70張高質量、精修圖像
  • 照片將在3-7個工作天內以線上相簿交付
  • 專為家庭設計,捕捉你在日本最動人時刻



1. 查詢時間:聯繫我們,查詢你的首選日期及時間Jay是否有空。我們將在3小時內回覆你。
2. 預訂體驗
3. 分享你的聯繫信息:回覆確認電子郵件,提供你的WhatsApp號碼。
4. 確定拍攝:Jay將通過WhatsApp與你聯繫,確認拍攝的詳細信息,並回答你可能有的任何問題。 

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Jay, a Tokyo-based Filipino photographer, excels in capturing genuine emotions with a simple and elegant style. She focuses on documenting the love and laughter of families, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

During this one-hour session, Jay will guide you through Tokyo's vibrant streets. You might explore Harajuku's Takeshita Street, the heart of Tokyo's youth culture, where you and your kids can experience the lively street life and unique fashion trends.

Alternatively, find tranquility in Ueno Park, a serene escape from the city's hustle and bustle. Enjoy nature's beauty and the warmth of your family as Jay captures each smile and every moment of joy.

Our Photographer - Jay

Jay's photography journey began in 2009 with a Holga LOMO camera. Her passion led her to establish her studio in the Philippines in 2011, focusing on weddings and events. Despite opportunities to teach in Japan, her love for photography never waned.

Now, she takes pride in capturing the real and natural emotions of families and couples in Tokyo, turning these moments into everlasting memories.

Package Highlights

  • Duration: Enjoy a 1-hour session with Jay, a local professional photographer whose specialty is encapsulating the vibrant scenes of Tokyo in each photo.
  • Souvenir of Memories: Receive a beautifully curated collection of 50-70 high-resolution digital images that serve as timeless mementos of your love and your visit to Tokyo.
  • Personalized Experience: Jay tailors the photo shoot to align with your family’s style and preferences, ensuring the session is uniquely yours.

*This package is applicable for 4 people max. Additional fee will be charged for more people. Please enquire separately.

How to Book

  1. Check Availability: Contact us to check the local photographer's availability for your preferred date. We'll get back to you within 3 hours.
  2. Book the Experience
  3. Share Your Contact Information: Reply to the confirmation email with your WhatsApp number.
  4. Finalize the Shoot: A photographer will reach out to you via WhatsApp to confirm the photoshoot details and answer any questions you may have. 

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