Signature Soft-Cover Rectangular Photo Book 6 x 8" (24 Pages)


With its simple, one-photo layout, you can build this classy photo book from scratch in mere minutes!

Our signature soft-cover photo book brings a sleek aesthetic, featuring a full-colour, matte-texture binding with premium Fujifilm photo paper that celebrates your favourite stories under the spotlight.

From weekend getaways, family get-togethers, to all the throwback Tuesdays, our customers swear by this lighthearted, approachable format for displaying photos on your dream coffee table, adding an elevated touch to those everyday meaningful moments.

With our most popular album, capture life’s fleeting moments you’ll treasure for years to come.

Photo size: 406mm x 146mm


  • Rectangular

  • 20 paper pages

  • Top grade 4-colour printing

  • Clean perfect edges

  • No layout design needed

  • By official Fujifilm partner

Recommended For:

  • Baby

  • Birthday or anniversary gift

  • Couple

  • Bachelorette

  • Everyday moments

  • Family

  • Travel