我們的攝影師 - Victoria




  • 與定居首爾的專業攝影師 Victoria進行的2小時專業攝影
  • 在標誌性的景福宮拍攝
  • 體驗穿著韓服,傳統的韓國服裝
  • 50-80張高質量,色彩編輯的照片,捕捉你的獨特體驗
  • 捕捉坦誠自然的時刻,並以首爾歷史名勝為壯麗背景



  1. 查詢時間:聯繫我們,查詢你的首選日期及時間是否有空。我們將在3小時內回覆你。
  2. 預訂體驗
  3. 分享你的聯繫信息:回覆確認電子郵件,提供你的WhatsApp號碼。
  4. 確定拍攝:Victoria 將通過WhatsApp與你聯繫,確認拍攝的詳細信息,並回答你可能有的任何問題。

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Experience the timeless allure of Seoul's historic landmarks with Victoria's 2-hour Hanbok photography package, designed to capture your unforgettable moments against the backdrop of the city's most iconic historical sites.

Whether you choose the grandeur of Gyeongbokgung Palace, the secret garden of Changdeokgung Palace, or the traditional Hanok houses in Bukchon Village, these spots are a testament to Seoul's rich history and are must-visit landmarks for any traveler! Each offers a unique backdrop for your photos, especially when combined with the vibrant colors and elegance of a traditional Hanbok.

During your 2-hour photography session, Victoria will lead you through the magnificent grounds of your chosen site, capturing the magnetic charm of the location and your unique style. The juxtaposition of Seoul's historic elegance and your vibrant Hanbok will produce striking photos that reflect the spirit of the city and your personal journey.

Victoria is committed to personalizing your photoshoot based on your preferences, providing an atmosphere of comfort and ease throughout the experience. She will skillfully capture a range of images, from dynamic wide-angle shots featuring the historical landmarks to intimate portraits that reveal your candid moments, crafting a beautiful set of photos that you'll treasure for years to come@=!

Our Photographer - Victoria

Victoria is a stylish and artistic Russian photographer based in Seoul.

Known for her amazing ability to capture candid emotions and the poetic romance in the moment, her images resonate deeply with viewers.

Victoria is passionate about creating an intimate and moving photographic experience, resulting in images that truly touch the heart.

Package Highlights

  • 1-hour professional photoshoot with Victoria, a Seoul-based Russian photographer
  • Shooting at the iconic Gyeongbokgung Palace
  • Experience wearing a Hanbok, traditional Korean dress
  • 50-80 high-quality, color-edited digital images capturing your unique experience
  • Capture candid moments and portraits with the stunning backdrop of Seoul's historic sites

*Please note Hanbok, make-up and hair are not included. Also, this package is applicable for 4 people max. Additional fee will be charged for more people. Please enquire separately.

How to Book

  1. Check Availability: Contact us to check Victoria's availability for your preferred date. We'll get back to you within 3 hours.
  2. Book the Experience
  3. Share Your Contact Information: Reply to the confirmation email with your WhatsApp number.
  4. Finalize the Shoot: Our photographer, Victoria, will reach out to you via WhatsApp to confirm the photoshoot details and answer any questions you may have.

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