我們的攝影師 - Cho




  • 1.5小時私人攝影體驗,可在天空公園、首爾森林公園,或你選擇的任何地方進行。
  • 當地專業攝影師的個人指導。
  • 15+張編輯過的高解析度彩色照片,以及所有其他未編輯的照片原檔。
  • 此體驗適合2位成人;超出的人數需要支付額外費用。


  1. 查詢時間:聯繫我們,查詢你的首選日期及時間Cho是否有空。我們將在3小時內回覆你。
  2. 預訂體驗
  3. 分享你的聯繫信息:回覆確認電子郵件,提供你的WhatsApp號碼。
  4. 確定拍攝:Cho將通過WhatsApp與你聯繫,確認拍攝的詳細信息,並回答你可能有的任何問題。




Hello, nature enthusiasts! Uncover the serene allure of Seoul's green spaces with Cho, a local Korean photographer. This unique 1.5-hour nature package is carefully curated to capture your memorable moments against the lush backdrop of Seoul's beloved parks like Sky Park, Seoul Forest Park, or a park of your choosing.

Sky Park is home to sweeping views of Seoul's cityscape and a picturesque sunflower field, offering a stunning contrast between urban life and natural beauty. Seoul Forest Park, on the other hand, is a tranquil oasis amidst the bustling city, boasting a variety of gardens and wildlife, making it a perfect canvas for your photos.

Cho will guide you through these verdant spaces, framing your story within the tranquility and beauty of Seoul's nature.

He tailors each photoshoot to your preferences, ensuring your comfort throughout the journey. Whether it's capturing your candid moments amidst the vibrant sunflower field of Sky Park, or creating enchanting portraits in the serene surroundings of Seoul Forest Park, he will craft photos that you'll treasure for a lifetime!

Our Photographer - Cho 

Cho is a local Korean photographer with a love for capturing the tranquility of nature in Seoul. He have a deep appreciation for the unique blend of urban and natural beauty that Seoul offers, and I enjoy showcasing this through my photography.

One of his greatest joys is meeting new people and sharing the hidden gems of Seoul with them. With a keen eye for composition and lighting, he aims to capture your moments as if they're scenes straight out of a beautiful Korean drama.

Package Highlights:

  • 1.5-hour private session at Sky Park, Seoul Forest Park, or a park of your choice.
  • Personal guidance from a professional photographer
  • 15+ edited high-res colour edited images, plus all other unedited photo files
  • This package is for 2 adults, additional people will incur extra fee

How to Book

1. Check Availability: Contact us to check Cho's availability for your preferred date. We'll get back to you within 3 hours.
2. Book the Experience 
3. Share Your Contact Information: Reply to the confirmation email with your WhatsApp number.
4. Finalize the Shoot: Our photographer will reach out to you via WhatsApp to confirm the photoshoot details and answer any questions you may have.

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