Cakes & Candles: Capturing Joyful Birthday Memories


Every birthday is a milestone, a celebration of life that deserves to be beautifully captured!

As a mom, you understand the fleeting nature of these precious moments - every giggle, every candle blown, every slice of cake shared, and every wish made by your kiddo is a precious memory! Our professional photographers are experts at capturing the essence of these special moments.

With this package, we promise not just photos, but a visual storytelling experience. From the excited anticipation during party preparations, the joyous chaos amidst the celebration, to the calm satisfaction at the end of a well-spent day, we'll be there to document it all!

Let us be a part of your child's special day and help you create a keepsake that will become more valuable with each passing year.

Turn moments into memories, and memories into treasures that last a lifetime.

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • No. of people: up to 60 guests
  • Deliverables: all high-quality, colour-edited photos from the event

Bonus Gift

You'll receive the photos in a private online gallery supported with our AI-Face Finder service (valued at HK$12,000 per event), so your guests can locate and download their photos in seconds and share them on social media, hassle-free!