Personalised Vintage Film Roll (6 Frames)


Time keeps moving forward, but memories have a way of slowing it down.

Made to replicate vintage film, our retro-inspired goodie freezes your sentimental moments in time and enclose them in a custom-made roll of film for you to keep forever.

This is a meaningful and quirky gift that never goes out of style. Unrolling the film is like unfolding memories in your palm. Each photo is a moment, and together, they tell a story as lasting as the memories themselves.

Size: 47mm x 25mm (Case)
320 x 33mm (Film)


  • Light, water-resistant and durable

  • Handmade

  • Easily portable keychain

  • 6 customisable photos

  • 100% brand new, high-quality custom design

  • By official Fujifilm partner

Recommended For:

  • Film lover

  • Special occasion

  • Wedding favour

  • Graduation, farewell or anniversary gift