(L) Quirky Translucent Polaroid


A modern statement twist on nostalgia.

Now you can turn your digital photos into unique, translucent Polaroids.

Display against a window. Project onto a blank wall for an evocative art installation. Shine them through colourful lights to see a hazy dreamscape emerge before your eyes!

Each film glows with an ethereal light that capture moments in unimaginable way. A limited run of retro-cool for trendsetters like you.

New. Rare. Yours. Hold your memories up to the light!

- Photo Size (L): 74mm x 78mm
- Translucent backlit effect
- Polaroid analog style
- Custom storytelling
- Versatile, e.g. for string lights, neon, tabletop, window and wall projections
- By official Fujifilm partner

Recommended For:
- Trendsetting creatives
- Thoughtful gifting
- Young couple
- Housewarming
- Home deco
- Events