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  • 拍攝時間:與當地專業攝影師的2 小時拍攝,捕捉門司港秘景之美。  
  • 回憶紀念品:你將收到100 張高清照片,讓你終生珍藏。  
  • 個性化體驗:無論你是單獨旅行者、情侶還是一群朋友,攝影師將根據你的偏好度身定造拍攝,確保這次體驗令你難忘!


1. 查詢時間:聯繫我們查詢你首選日期的攝影師是否有空。我們將在3小時內回覆你。
2. 預訂體驗
3. 分享你的聯繫信息:回覆確認郵件,提供你的WhatsApp號碼。
4. 確定拍攝:攝影師將通過WhatsApp與你聯繫,確定拍攝的詳細信息,並回答你可能有的任何問題。

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Dive deep into the picturesque setting of Monji Port in Fukuoka, where the elegance of a stylish port town meets the calming presence of the sea. 

This 2-hour solo photography experience is designed for those who wish to fully immerse themselves in capturing the essence of this unique locale. With its chic townscape and the endless horizon of the sea, Monji Port presents a dual charm that makes every photograph a story in itself. As you explore the area, you'll not only encounter scenic views but also enjoy the local culinary delights, enhancing your experience with tastes as memorable as the views.

This photo experience allows ample time to discover hidden gems within the port, from quaint alleyways lined with artisanal shops to panoramic sea views that are perfect for reflective and introspective photography. 

Package Highlights

  • Duration: 2-hour with professional local photographer, capturing the beauty of Fukuoka.
  • Souvenir of Memories: You'll receive a collection of 100 high-resolution digital images that you can keep for a lifetime.
  • Personalized Experience: Your photographer will tailor the session to your preferences whether you're a solo traveler, a couple, or a group of friends - you can be sure that it'll be memorable!

How to Book

  1. Check Availability: Contact us to check the local photographer's availability for your preferred date. We'll get back to you within 3 hours.
  2. Book the Experience
  3. Share Your Contact Information: Reply to the confirmation email with your WhatsApp number.
  4. Finalize the Shoot: Photographer will reach out to you via WhatsApp to confirm the photoshoot details and answer any questions you may have.

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