A Perfect Day in Nam Sang Wai With Your Pet

Nam Sang Wai is an idyllic village nestled in the mountains of Hong Kong's New Territories. With its colorful houses, scenic natural surroundings and hiking trails, Nam Sang Wai is a perfect spot to spend a day walking your dog while taking memorable photos.

As you arrive in the village, you'll notice the blue-painted houses that dot the landscape. Their vibrant colors stand out beautifully against the green mountain backdrop. Walk around the village and capture photos of the houses, terraced fields and your dog exploring the surroundings. There are large open grassy areas where you can play fetch with your dog. 

For a scenic hike, head to the Nam Sang Wai Ancient Trail. This 3-kilometer loop trail starts right from the village and winds through lush forests and mountains. The trail offers stunning views, especially when the weather is clear. Put your dog on a lead as you venture into the shaded woods. There are a few stream crossings along the way, as well as viewpoints overlooking the village. 

An alternative hike is the Nam Sang Wai U Zeng Trail which leads to a hidden waterfall. This 2-kilometer hike starts from the Ancient Trail then branches off through the mountains. The trail ends at U Zeng Waterfall, a 15-meter high waterfall in a natural amphitheater. Have a picnic here while your dog plays in the fresh mountain waters. The multiple levels of the waterfall also make for dynamic photographs. 

After your hike, head back to the village for a well-deserved meal. There are a few casual restaurants and teahouses in Nam Sang Wai where you can sit outside with your dog. Enjoy the rural ambiance as villagers pass by going about their daily activities.

Nam Sang Wai's peaceful setting and wealth of natural scenery make for an unforgettable day with your dog. Whether hiking the trails, exploring the village or simply playing in the open fields, your dog will love this countryside escape. You can capture stunning photos that showcase Hong Kong's natural beauty with your canine companion by your side. Plan your trip and immerse yourself in the charming experience of Nam Sang Wai village. Your dog will thank you!


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